This orchestra is run for you, the members, so you shall have your own page. This page aims to keep you up to date with everything that's happening: rehearsal schedules, concert listing and committee matters. Subscriptions for the coming year (April 2005 to March 2006) are now at the rate £47.50 for the year. If you pay tax, please would you consider filling out a GiftAid form (if you haven't already), available from the Treasurer. If you would like to go on the members' mailing list, please send an E-mail to the Secretary, and please put "SCO+ML" in the Subject field. The time is coming when ideas for this concert are definitely wanted, with thanks to those who have already got in touch.

What we need are pieces to involve members of the orchestra, not necessarily all of them at once! If you have a piece you want to play, let the Secretary know, then start asking around to see if volunteers will play with you. The SCO website collects several kinds of information from its users: ticket reservations, contact details, feedback and queries (through forms and e-mails sent to us); Your contact details and queries are seen only by us and will be dealt with as soon as they are received. We try to make buying tickets for our concerts as straightforward as possible, and provide a number of different ways for you to purchase them.

After all, we are an orchestra! We need players who can play orchestral instruments like violins, violas, bass, trumpets, percussion. For some sections, there are immediate vacancies - if you are interested, do get in touch and we will see if we can fit you in. Our rehearsals are on Thursday evenings - ususally five for each concert. So it helps if you can sightread very well, attend regularly and play to the standard of a good orchestra!


The committee was elected at the Annual General Meeting on 29 February 2004 to serve for the Calendar Year. Some committee members have specific roles and have E-mail links so you may contact them - press the round button. If you are a committee member and would like an orchestra e-mail address, please let the Secretary know.