Support us

The orchestra needs your support and whatever form it takes your help is gratefully received. First and foremost, we always like to see a good audience at our concerts! There are several other ways individuals and organisations can assist us, and we're happy to discuss what you can do to help. You or your organisation can sponsor us to help fund essential orchestral expenses, such as music hire, fees for our soloists and conductors, and booking concert venues. A basic sponsorship deal of £30 per year means you or your organisation will be named in each of that season’s concert programmes and on this website. If you would like a better opportunity, please get in touch and we can feature your company name on posters, connecting you to a specific soloist, musical work or concert. Please get in touch to discuss how your sponsorship can be mutually beneficial. Sponsoring a community-based organisation like SCO generates a lot of good will in the local area and you can be assured that your contribution helps our music-making activities.

It costs just £5 per year for someone to become a Friend of the orchestra. You will receive a list of all our concerts for that year and, if you wish, your name will be printed in each of our programmes. The orchestra is a registered charity so, if you pay tax, you can fill out a Gift Aid form that enables us to make the most of your donation by claiming back the basic rate of tax paid on the gift. We always welcome assistance behind the scenes for publicity and at concert venues (front of house; lighting; setting up, etc.). Any help for these tasks is gratefully received.

You or your company can sponsor the orchestra to help us with things we need to spend money on - such as our soloists, conductors and concert venues. For the basic sponsorship deal of £30 pounds, your company will be named in concert programmes. If you would like a better opportunity, then get in contact with us, and we can put your company name on posters, our website, connecting you to specific things like soloists or music works. As we are a registered charity, it could help your company's image locally to sponsor a community based organisation like ours, and you will get the knowlege that it all helps us too.