About the orchestra

Sutton Coldfield Orchestra has approximately fifty regular members, several of whom are music teachers, either in the classroom or in practical tuition, but with many more from all walks of life and a wide variety of musical backgrounds.

The name chosen originally was Sutton Coldfield Chamber Orchestra. Some of the original members are still ascociated with the orchestra today, and recently we held a 30th anniversary dinner.

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Get involved

There are several ways to support the orchestra, not least of which is attending concerts! You can also become a Friend of SCO or sponsor us, and we always welcome assistance behind the scenes for publicity and at concert venues.

As a registered charity, we’re able to make the most of donations through Gift Aid. Friends and sponsors will be named in our programmes.

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About us

These days the orchestra plays up to five different concerts per year, starting with a Young Soloists concert with members of the Birmingham Schools Symphony Orchestra playing concerto movements (usually for the first time in public), and ending with a Family Christmas Concert. In between, concert programmes include small and medium sized orchestra repertoire, and recently there has been an annual chamber concert for ensembles of less than orchestra size and without a conductor. Sutton Coldfield Orchestra is affilliated to Making Music. The orchestra conductors vary - we don't have a regular conductor, as we prefer to have guest conductors. This keeps the orchestra on its toes, musically, as it has to get used to different styles of conducting. For the main concerts, there are five or six rehearsals before each on on Thursday evenings, followed by one on the day of the concert to make sure it has all come together.

The orchestra has put on a number of concerts to raise money for charity and is itself a registered charity. The orchestra has played a number of interesting twentieth century works by English composers, Britten, Walton, Butterworth, Arnold and Berkeley. In recent years concerts have been put on at over twenty different schools, churches and theatres.

Sutton Coldfield Orchestra rehearses at the Church Hall, Boldmere Road, from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Tea and coffee is served in the middle of each rehearsal (for a small fee), when members can relax and socialise briefly before the serious business continues. Where these are available, details of rehearsals appear on the Next Concert page. A full list of rehearsal dates appears on the Key Dates page.

So you want to get involved?

As a Friend, you will get a list of concerts for the year posted to you. Friends membership costs just £5 per individual for the calendar year, and by way of thanks we print your name in the programme. The Orchestra is a registered charity, and if you pay tax and fill out a GiftAid form, for every pound you give to us, we can claim back from the taxman the basic rate of tax, which helps us even more!

If you can't or don't want to play in the orchestra but would llike to help out in some other way, there are other tasks that need doing. We need help with publicity, front of house, concert venue lighting and sponsorship. Any time you can spend on these jobs is well worth it, and releases hard-pressed committee members from some of the multiple tasks thay do.

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